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Does the WIFI on the phone need to be on for the DriveTAB™ to work?

DriveTAB™ will enable WIFI for operation.

What happens if the DriveTAB™ user turns off or deletes the application?

The server will be informed and will send an email message to the parent, guardian or fleet manager.

How will I know if the DriveTAB™ Device is being used?

If you are signed up for our optional monitoring, each trip will be tracked on an easy to use interactive map. It will log all departure and arrival locations, along with date and time.

When will I be notified?

Depending on your notification settings in the monitoring service account there are currently 3 alert parameters.


  • Inactivity: tampering with the device or removal of the app.

  • Geo-Fence Violation: If the vehicle leaves a pre-set boundary.

  • Curfew Violations: If the vehicle is operated before or after a specific time.

Can I still make phone calls when the DriveTAB™ application is working?

The administrator has 4 options on Phone Usage. (Note: 911 will always work)

  • Allow all phone calls in and out

  • Allow only 5 numbers in and out

  • Allow only 5 number in only

  • Disable phone use


What happens when the phone is sent an email or text message while driving with the DriveTAB™?

The phone will still receive all the messages but they cannot be viewed until the vehicle is shut off. If Auto Reply is Enabled in the DriveTAB™ Settings Menu, a customized SMS reply will be sent back on texts received.

How many phones will work with each DriveTAB™ Device?

You can have an unlimited number of phones working with a single DriveTAB™ device.

How many DriveTAB™ Devices will work with each phone?

Your phone can work with an unlimited number of DriveTAB™ devices or you can set it to only work with your specific device. Those settings are in the Drive Settings Menu.

When I turn off or exit the vehicle how long should it take before the data functions on the phone are operational again?

Approximately 30 seconds after turning off the vehicle.

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