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Our Mission

"This product

is the Seat Belt of the technology

Britt Wasson
Wassco Corporation

According to the US Dept of Transportation, Distracted Driving causes over 500,000 injuries, 6,000 fatalities and $43 Billion in damage. Our Mission was to develop a product that is available to everyone and disables a driver's ability to Text, Post, Pic or Email while operating their vehicle. DriveTAB™ accomplishes this goal. Your drivers, and those around them, are more safe starting the day DriveTAB™ is installed!

At least 1.6 million accidents are caused by texting and driving every year.


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The DriveTAB™ system transmits a unique signal that effectively eliminates texting and driving and other phone related accidents. Once the DriveTAB™ system is successfully installed in your vehicle our device automatically synchronizes (upon vehicle start up) to the driver’s phone that has our FREE app downloaded. Our app also provides parental controls, app regulation and more....

WARNING! "Teens who text and drive spend almost 14% of their driving time outside of their lane" 
        - Department of Transportation

The leading cause of death among teens is motor vehicle accidents, 80% of these accidents are caused by distracted driving. DriveTAB™ fights for safer roads for all. Let our system eliminate the risk of phone related injuries!

Install DriveTAB™ Today!

DriveTAB™ gives administrators (parents, guardians or employers) the power to choose exactly which apps your children, loved ones or employees can use while behind the wheel. Our password protected APP allows you to customize and block potentially dangerous actions right from the phone. DriveTAB™ will not only save lives but can be used as the ultimate coaching tool and resource.

DriveTAB™ is a complete system that consists of transmitting device (easy to install in any vehicle), a smart phone app and a web-based real-time monitoring system.

"At any given time in America, nearly 700,000 people are texting/using APPs while Driving... every second of every single day"

       - Department of Transportation

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