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When you text...

or check your status...

bad things happen!

Don't Text & Drive! It can wait.


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Don't Text & Drive...

For Teen

Before you hand over the keys, be sure that your child is protected from the temptation to text and drive. Teenagers are still developing key decision making and reasoning skills. Sure, they need lots of guidance, but you can't always be there to help them make the right choice.

School Bus

Are schools doing everything they can to keep our kids safe? Precautions are now being taken that weren't considered necessary in the past. We're glad that regulations have started to include seatbelts on school buses, but what's preventing the driver from texting while driving?


Traffic crashes are the leading cause of occupational fatalities worldwide. Dangerous factors stack up against transportation drivers- fatigue, long hours, and delivery pressures increase the risk of accidents. Let's keep distracted driving off of that list.

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